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Draught Beer Tap

Draught Beer Tap

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The professional grade draught beer tap
Get your hands on the most in-demand beer tap

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Draught Beer Tap
Draught Beer Tap
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Ever dreamt of having brewery-fresh beer and the pub experience at home? Well, now you can with the Draught beer Tap, the state-of-the-art home beer tap. The compact design and small footprint of the Draught Beer Tap means that you can turn any counter, table or man cave into your very own home bar. The unique cooling technology chills your beer to the optimum drinking temperature, and the pour? Yes, that’s perfect, an authentic pub pint every time.

What’s in the Box

Everything you need to start the perfect pour

1 x BeerMonster Home Draught Machine
1 x Drip tray
1 x Power lead
2 x Threaded CO2 gas canisters
1 x Instruction booklet

Technical Information

What are the dimensions

450cm x 46cm x 32 cm

What is the weight of a machine and a full keg?

The machine weighs 7.5kg. The combined weight of a machine and a full keg is 13kg

What type of co2 cylinder/cartridge should be used in the machine

Threaded 16g co2 cartridge

What is the shelf life of a keg

You can find the best by date on the keg. Beer in the opened keg will last for 30 days

What size of keg should I use?

You need to use a 5l keg

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Draught Beer Tap

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*Minimum order 2 kegs


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