Increase the gas for another 4-5 seconds.

Remove the keg handle & then re-insert the T-pipe, this can create a better seal.

The beer will only move out the keg providing the whole system is airtight, so make sure there is nowhere the Co2 can escape from!

Slightly loosen each side of the T-pipe, this can sometimes cause the gas to flow through better. (Please do not unscrew completely as it contains springs, these can be difficult to get back in).

More co2 can be purchased online, please ensure you order 16 gram co2 threaded cartridges.

Some kegs, like budvar, have an internal seal inside. This means that when the tab is turned and pulled off it may look like there is still a bit of plastic left in the keg. This is the internal seal.

In order to get the T-pipe in the keg you have to puncture this seal. Here's how.

After removing the red tab place the T - pipe over the top of the keg on top of the internal seal. With one hand, grasp the bottom of T - pipe, wrapping your hand around it and holding it in place. With the other hand give the top of the T - pipe a firm wack down.

If hit hard enough the seal will be broken. You should hear a popping sound when this has been done correctly. The pipe should then fully insert into the keg and will now be able to be used in our machine.